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We foresee every detail, that is why we think that you can visit Havana city and might learn to dance the cuban salsa rhythm, that makes cubans famous all over the world.
Programs, and amusements that fit perfectly to your needs and interests, including programs in the most outstanding theaters of the Cuban capital, are some of the details that make lovers of this rhythm & people all over, travel to Cuba with us.

Day 1: Warm welcome in the Airport for a member of Transfer from the airport in private and conditioned taxi to your hotel.

Days 1,2: Registration at the hotel. During this day you won’t have other activity, so you can relax and rest after the trip and familiarize with the city. We suggest you to take a night walk around the city. We recommend, especially, Old Havana and its marvellous night secrets.

Visit the “old area” of the city, declared by the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage, with its squares, and mansions built by the Spaniards among the XVI and XIX centuries. Now, fully restored to stand out beautiful architectural details of the time in whish they were built. Make a stop in your way to see the Plaza de Armas (Square of Weapons) and The Plaza de la Cathedral (Cathedral Square), just few metters from The Cathedral you will find one of the bigger handicraft fairs in the city. The Castillo (Castle) de los Tres Reyes del Morro, The Bodeguita del Medio, The Floridita and the National Capitol are our suggestions. Later if you wish to know the secrets of each corner or street, you can contact us to know on personalized tours, and we could organize a guided city tour to discover a different Havana for you.

Get ready because right now begins the best of your week in Cuba: your Salsa classes!!!

You let us know the time in whish you prefers the classes and you will receive two hour lessons, every day during this week. Lessons will be thought by graduated specialists of the Cuban School of Arts, with vast educational experience.

If you also want a companion for your classes so you can dance with somebody don't worry it is included!!!

Day 3: Let us discover to you one of the most beautiful landscapes of this Island. We could characterize it as romantic or charming, but really, it is more than that!! . We will show you one of the better kept secrets of the western zone of Cuba. The well-known La Moka. Nature will discover for you unsuspected forms, valleys, rivers and prehistoric ruins that you could think someone order it imitating Paradise.

You will have your classes when you return to the hotel!!!

Day 4: Relax and rest, purchase some souvenils in Handicraft Fairs, close to your hotel, and enjoy your classes in the afternoon!!!!

Legend and tradition will be your company in one of the oldest ceremonies of the city, during your third day in havana. The ceremony of the "Gunshot"; two centuries ago the ceremony saw the light for first time from the beautiful fort

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 7 Nächte in Copacabana 4, Boutique Chateau Miramar 4, Bellevue Deauville 3 oder Saint John's 2
Ort: Ciudad de La Habana (City)
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   Video to learn how to dance Salsa & CD of Cuban Popular Music

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